When I began directing Zoom radio plays, I was doing so by ‘feel’ -using what I knew as an actress and director for stage shows.  But radio shows ARE different.  I found that to start with ‘oral posture’ and accent/character voice work helped in defining the voices that the actors used for the show.  THIS IS VITAL – the audience only has the voice to distinguish between the characters.  Below is my step-by-step manual: including the voice work and the rehearsal process I used.  I hope it will help you navigate the world of virtual directing! Coming soon will be a free easy-to-use video guide on how to record and do the most basic edits in Audacity (free software). Until then, on the Directing & Editing Help page is a link to contact me if you are looking for editing help and/or someone to add ‘magic’ to your shows:  underscoring, sound effects and more!

–Pauline JenningsOn the