Production, Directing & Editing Links

Language Arts National Standards 

English Language Arts Standards for Teachers

How Radio Dramas meets Language Arts Standards

Editing Help

For very reasonably priced editing help, including adding music and effects to your radio play, please contact Pauline Jennings:

Free Sound Effects

Character Voice

How to do Character Voices:

Oral/Mouth posture

Dialect and Accent series

Intro to Accents 1:  Idiolect, Dialect & Accent

Intro to Accents 2: Phonetics

Intro to Accents 3: Placement (oral/mouth posture)

Intro to Accents 4: Intonation

Intro to Accents 5: Helpful Hints

British Accent – RP dialect

How to do an RP/British Accent in Under Two Minutes:

American Southern Accent

How to do a Southern Accent Fast:

Italian Accent

How to Do an Italian Accent – Accent Training:

Australian Accent

How to do an Australian Accent Fast:

German Accent

Get the Perfect German Accent:

Irish Accent

How to do an Irish Accent:

Scottish Accent

How to Speak with a Scottish Accent

Spanish Accent

How to do a Spanish Accent – Sound like a native Speaker

Recording and Editing

How to Record a Meeting in Zoom (Audio and Video):

Audacity Editing For Beginners – 16 tips in 9 Minutes:

Audacity Basic – Recording, Editing, Mixing (very basic):